Makeup Ingredients

Zinc Oxide - A natural sunscreen, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. Gives a calming effect to the skin. Matte finish and an opaque coverage.


Titanium Dioxide - A natural sunscreen and anti-inflammatory. Provide excellent coverage. Hides imperfections due to aging. Gives a healthy glow without a shine.

Mica - Conceals fine lines and wrinkles with light reflective qualities. Combined with iron oxides to give highly saturated eyeshadow colors. Gives a glittery or shimmer effect in the colors.

Iron Oxides - Used as color pigmentation for Klassichic Mineral Makeup.

Silica - An anti-caking agent that improves the overall feel in the cosmetic formula.

Boron Nitride and Magnesium Myristate - These minerals work together to give a smooth and silky finish to your products. They adhere to the skin making the product long lasting.